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NOTE: Dear Customers,
unfortunately due to COVID the shipping prices went significantly up. Therefore I am forced to raise the shipping cost to 7 USD per package. Also please be aware that the shipping to America takes  about a month these days. I’m extremely sorry for the inconvenience.

Haniabag Footbag Store is offering three basic footbag/hacky sack models. The 8 and 14 panel footbags are perfect for novice players as they allow for an easy start in the world of circle kicking. They are also perfect for learning the basic freestyle tricks, such as stalls and flying kicks. We recommend them for all new players.

The 32 panel footbags are high-precision equipment, fine tuned for the best control and freestyle performance. Their flying pattern is easy to control due to perfectly round shape and their size makes all kinds of advanced technical tricks possible. This type of bags is used all around the world by freestyle footbaggers because of how easy it is to catch them on your foot. Please watch the video on the right to see me playing with a professional 32 panel footbag!

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