Check out some pictures of 14 and 32 panel footbags handmade by Hanna Mickiewicz. There are hundreds of color combinations you can choose from, so make sure you find one that you like the most. In Haniabag Footbag Shop you are free to create the perfect footbag for you.

32 panel footbags14 and 32 panel footbags, weight: 60g diameter: 4.5cm

photo2Hanna Mickiewicz – Footbag Freestyle using a 32 panel footbag


32-panel Haniabag and the filler


Stitching equipment

Haniabags 32-panels, weight: 60g diameter: 4.5cm


Haniabag 14-panels

Haniabag 8-panels, weight: 55g  diameter 5.5cm